Welcome to Mining Solutions Inc.

With personally over 38 years of practical mining experience, ranging from maintenance of all types of heavy mining equipment, including the operation of this equipment. Working in over 24 countries around the world and gathering knowledge and experiences makes us an excellent choice to help solve your toughest problems.

Safety is our first priority in everything we do. With past history records with different companies of 4 and 5 years without a lost time accident company wide. Nine million man hours, 10 million man hours, and the greatest achievement of 21 million man hours without a lost time accident. A safe working environment is nothing new, it is a way of life.

Specializing in heavy equipment maintenance and operator training, we look at serious problems from not only the equipment side but also the operational side as well. Our goal is to get the most of what you have to work with no matter what the conditions. Using the overall approach more accurately gets to the root cause of problems and also the solution.

High abrasive conditions are our specialty. With the help of high grade materials like chromium carbide overlay and complex carbide overlay plating, we can design wear packages to fit your problem. In super severe cases, special designed castings can be made and with new technology we can incorporate ceramics as well.

High altitude is not a problem. We are physically able to work at the most demanding mines around the world, making Mining Solutions Inc. your best source of problem solving and solution finding in the mining business.


Thank you and looking forward to assisting you in the future,


Randall Scott
Mining Solutions Inc.