Mining Solutions has more than 46 years of practical mining experience. This experience includes maintenance and operation of all types of heavy mining equipment. We offer operator efficiency training with the highest production possible as our goal. We have a diverse knowledge of mining, having worked in more than 30 countries across the globe.  This makes us an excellent choice to help solve your toughest challenges. Safety is our first priority in everything we do.  We have safety records that include four- and five-year periods without a lost-time accident companywide. The greatest achievement was 21 million man-hours without a lost-time accident. Having a safe working environment is nothing new to us; it is a way of life.

Mining Solutions specializes in heavy equipment maintenance and operator training.  We evaluate serious challenges, not only from the equipment side, but also operations. Our goal is to realize the maximum results, using the available resources, regardless of the working conditions. Using this overall approach allows us to get to the root cause of the problems and find the best solution.

High-abrasive conditions are our specialty.  With the help of high-grade materials like chromium carbide overlay and white iron castings, we can design wear packages to fit your situation. Every site is different and requires wear solutions to fit each location.

We have high altitude experience and are familiar with the particular challenges that are unique to these sites.  Past experience includes working at nearly 5000 meters for extended periods, as well as cold weather operations, working at -25 degrees and lower during the day.

Yet another benefit is that Spanish is our second language.

The wide range of our experiences makes us the best source for problem-solving and solution-finding in the mining business.

We look forward to assisting you in the future.