This is an example of wear plate installation on the bottom of a 992 bucket. We have been able to achieve some great results by extending the wear life of the OEM wear packages. Our first bucket is still running with over 10,000 hours. Historically, this site was bringing the loader to the shop for wear plate repairs every 6-8 weeks. After our installation of MSI Wear materials, it has been in the shop two times for replacements, with a cost of about $600.00. That is $600.00 in two years and 10,000 hours.

Every mine site is different. Conditions change and so do wear rates. This is a different type of package for a bit rougher conditions. Larger, thicker plates for big rocks and rough floors.

Pictured here are examples of what we have to offer. There are lots of manufacturers in this market. We have successfully tested against the top brands on the market. We pride ourselves in high quality, low cost wear products.

We always think out of the box to help our customers in the most economical method possible. Here is an example. This customer had a worn out lip. It was getting to the point of the weld on tooth adapters were being compromised. We used some sugar mill wear parts that was a perfect fit between the tooth adapters. Not only did it stop the wear issues, it also supported the weld on adapters. These have been running for almost three years.

Notice the sides of this bucket were worn down so bad that the bolt on shrouds were no longer able to be installed. Again, we used the sugar mill knives along the leading edge. This picture shows about one year of wear. They run only one shift per day.

This is a corner shroud or heel pad. Refer back to the picture of the 992 bucket. MSI offers a slightly different version. We offer only the best quality parts. This is true without proprietary heel pads as well. MSI Heel Pads last at least two times longer than ANY competitor. Proven track record with many hours of real life testing. We have already replaced three of the top manufacturers at different mining sites.