Although we are newcomers to the sugar mill industry, we have realized some very quick and positive results in a very short period. Sugar mills can be just as abrasive as some of the world’s worst mine sites. They have to be looked at in the same way, when it comes to quality wear materials. Benefiting from the learning process in mining and the developments of quality mining products, we have been able to fast-track some of this same technology into the sugar industry. Consequently, we have been able to impress some of the most experienced people in the business. Our products are not only second-to-none anywhere in the world; they have also proven to be very cost-effective to any operation.

Specialty equipment that is in use in some of the older mills makes us a great option.  We have no problems with modifying or even redesigning wear products to fit the special needs of any operation.  We actually have some redesigns underway right now for some very old mills where off-the-shelf parts are no longer available.

Here, at Mining Solutions, we approach the sugar mill industry in a slightly different manner. We treat sugar customers just like mining customers. We frequently visit their operations and observe first-hand how our products are being used, as well as looking for new ways to improve and help make their specific operation more efficient. We enter into any and all projects with two things in mind: first is to find cost-effective solutions to their toughest problems, and the secondly, from day, we look at this as not just a sales call, but rather that it is the first day of a very long, fulfilling relationship with our new business partner.  We are in it for the long haul.